Two Days at Berlin’s Christmas Markets

If, like me, you’re a gigantic Chrimbophile, then you’ll probably be a big Christmas market fan. And it’s hard to imagine anywhere doing Christmas markets better than Berlin. From late November until the end of December, this fantastic city transforms itself into a sea of wooden huts, unreasonably large Christmas trees and twinkling lights. Awww. Just look at it. Berlin’s sprawling festive offering isn’t just … Continue reading Two Days at Berlin’s Christmas Markets

ASV De Dijk v DVS ’33 Ermelo

To the untrained eye (of which I can boast two), the world of Dutch football can feel like a confusing and impenetrable place. A place of bafflingly long team names made up of seemingly random bundles of letters and numbers. A place where a large, metropolitan and multicultural city like Amsterdam can often feel like it has only one team. The top end of Dutch … Continue reading ASV De Dijk v DVS ’33 Ermelo