Arbroath v St Johnstone

Arbroath’s Gayfield Park is about as close to the North Sea as it’s possible to get without actually wading into the water. It’s one of the most scenic football ground locations you’ll find anywhere in the UK, but it’s also notoriously one of the coldest. Last time I came here was way back on New Year’s Day 2003. I remember it well, because ice-cold wind … Continue reading Arbroath v St Johnstone

Jeanfield Swifts v Whitehill Welfare

You’d be forgiven for thinking that St Johnstone – famously the only professional league club in Britain with a ‘J’ in their name – are Perth’s only football team. But cast your eyes further down the Scottish football pyramid and you’ll find another Perth side, and another letter ‘J’. This is Jeanfield Swifts, and they’ve been ruffling a few feathers since making the leap across … Continue reading Jeanfield Swifts v Whitehill Welfare

At last, a fairy tale I can believe in

Regular followers of Scottish football will be familiar with the media’s hankering for a true “fairy tale story”. Once upon a time, in the early 2000s, it was Livingston’s rise through the leagues that had pundits reaching for the Hans Christian Andersen references. A few years later, it was Gretna’s turn to “live the dream”. As it turned out, both clubs were spending money they … Continue reading At last, a fairy tale I can believe in