Inside the 1995/96 Gallantry Catalogue

If, like Alison Moyet, you go weak in the presence of beauty, you’ll want to hold onto something sturdy before scrolling any further. Because it’s time for a second instalment of brilliance from the mysterious bods at Gallantry. To re-cap, I have no idea who or what Gallantry were. I know only that they produced magnificent football catalogues in the 1990s. To see the 1994/95 catalogue, click here. For the 1995/96 edition, read on…

Relieved to see Hristo Stoichkov again makes it onto the front cover, even though he’s a bit harder to spot this time.
Pages 1 and 2: Those El Nacional shirts should be illegal or something.
Pages 3 and 4: I’m sticking my neck out and calling this my favourite spread. Classics from Lazio, AC Milan, Parma, Barca and a whole bunch of others. And OH MY DAYS CHECK OUT THAT BARI SHIRT.
Pages 5 and 6: Completely disregard what I just said about the last spread, because this one’s my new favourite. Heart-eyes emojis required all over the place here.
Pages 7 and 8: For some reason I suddenly feel like Chicken Tonight.
Pages 9 and 10: I don’t feel like car flags ever took off as much as they really should have.
Page 10: That Newcastle ball is the best one by miles. There. I’ve said it.


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